Wet Plate Images from 2015

Wet Plate Ambrotype Photography

"Capturing Images in Silver on Glass using Light"



Contact Information:
Shane Balkowitsch, Ambrotypist
Nostalgic Glass
4419 Centurion Dr.
Bismarck, ND 58504
(701)223-9936 Phone

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Wet Plate Images from 2015



"The Killing of the Seven Sons of Niobe"

Virgil "Quicksilver" Hill

Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield

"Sampson and the Head of Goliath"

"The Devotion Sessions" Plate #1

Thank you Julia Margaret Cameron


"The Tattooed Angel"

"The Resurrection of Lazarus"

"The Unseen Touch"


North Dakota State Capitol Building, Bismarck

"Departure on the Plains", Fort Abraham Lincoln

"The Drowning of Shakespeare's Opheia"

"An Early Morning Row"

"The Devotion Sessions" Plate #2

"The Devotion Sessions" Plate #3

"Rocket Boy", Greyson Balkowitsch

"The Muralist", Ric Sprynczynatyk

Monsignor James P. Shea

"The Lady of the Nine Flames"


Self Portrait

Kat Perkins


"Inevitable Loss"


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