Wet Plate Images from 2016

Wet Plate Ambrotype Photography

"Capturing Images in Silver on Glass using Light"



Contact Information:
Shane Balkowitsch, Ambrotypist
Nostalgic Glass
4419 Centurion Dr.
Bismarck, ND 58504
(701)223-9936 Phone

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Wet Plate Images from 2016


"The Devotion Sessions" Plate #4

"Amber of the Priory"

"The Nature of Simple"

"Two Wars"

"Two Worlds"

"First to Awaken"

"The Pope's Guard"

"Magic Carpet Ride"

"Unannounced Slumber"

"Tangled Thoughts in my Head"




"Corporal Harold Bach, WWII"

"Mike LaLonde"

"Fusillading of a Bandito"

Monte Yellow Bird, Sr.

"The Downed Seraph"

Rusty Gillette "Hooves" 

"The Fighter"


"Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh"






"The Damsel with Sapphire Hair"


"Geppetto's Forgotten Son"

"Shot at by the Enemy"

Charles Murphy, Standing Rock Sioux

"Uninvited Veil"

"Stellar Madonna"


"Lecherous Script"

"The Missing Sitter"

"Murderer's Gulch"

"The Soiled Doves of Murderer's Gulch"

"A Friendly Scuffle at Murderer's Gulch"




"The Grand River at Sitting Bull's Cabin"



"The Fragility of Nature and Life"




"The King Has Fallen"

"A Dryad Amongst Us"


"The Devotion Sessions" Plate #5

"Your Cannot Drink Oil" - No Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock

"The Persecution of Complete Strangers"

"Love Water, Not Oil" with Dale American Horse, Jr. 

"Empowerment Through Unity"

United Tribes Techical College Pow Wow 2016


Clay Jenkinson


"Nestled Solace"

"The Necromancer"

"Pommel of the Just"

"Red Eye Ruby"

"Death by Oil" with Darren Thompson



"The Burden of a Monarch" with Kim Olson



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