Wet Plate Images from 2018

Wet Plate Ambrotype Photography

"Capturing Images in Silver on Glass using Light"



Contact Information:
Shane Balkowitsch, Ambrotypist
Nostalgic Glass Wet Plate Studio
2703 Big Sky Circle
Bismarck, ND 58503
(701)426-7630 Phone

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Wet Plate Images from 2018


"Agent of Noir"

"Escape" with Dan Miller


"Apocalyptic Winter is Upon Us"

"Remembering Myrtle Corbin"

"High Priestess of Bacchus" Plate 1

"High Priestess of Bacchus" Plate 2

"High Priestess of Bacchus" Plate 3


Mike LaLonde, Photographer & Friend


"Gift from God"

 with Yann Sacha Niteka


"Eve's Sin"

a Diptych

with Caylin Cathey





"The Howl of Selene"

with Grace Woodke


Devin Frances Dragswolf

"Remembering Zitkala Sa"

Great Great Granddaughter of Chief Dragswolf


Interpretive Plate with the Students from University of Mary

and Professor Marek Dojs



"The Impaling of Mankind"

"Puddles the Clown"

The Fargo Theatre

March 27th, 2018


"Youngest Daughters of an Ambrotypist"

"Old Scenic Artist"

with Maggie Belle Herr



"Justice for Judith"

"Puddles Pitty Party" at

The Fargo Theatre

"The Balkowitsch Family"


"Composing Darkness"

Richard Loewen


"The Gaze to Elsewhere"

Eden Jackson


"Columbian Immigrant"


"No Spiritual Surrender"

Floris White Bull



"Without You"


"Uninvited Veil"

"Lady in Window"

"Eden Has a Gun"

"Rose with Diamonds"

based on 1696 Fairytale "Diamonds and Frogs"


"Liberty Trudges Through Injustice"

A Wet Plate Collaboration

"The Guardians of Lady Liberty"

The Devotion Sessions

"The Handcuffed Artist"

Richard Loewen

"Shane Balkowitsch"

by Doug Hanson

Anton Orlov - Wet Plate Brother



"The Bond of Sisters"

with Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh

of Tigerlily


Kevin Klein - Wet Plate Brother


Genevieve Rae Iron Lightning

"Stands First Woman"

Cheyenne River Sioux

Miss Black Hills 2017-2018

Allan Thomas Demaray, Jr.

"The Little Missouri"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


"A Lone Buffalo at Standing Rock"


"Recalling Klimt"


"Glimpse of a Hamadryad"

"The Table of Judith"

"Not Today Big Bad Wolf"

"Red Eye Ruby"

6th Anniversary of First Wet Plate with

Chad Balkowitsch, Oct. 4th, 2018


"The Lessons of a Sorceress"

with Alyvia Balkowitsch

Clay Jenkinson


Murray Lemling


"The Naming of Shadow Catcher"

Maa'ishda tehxixi Agu'Agshi - Hidatsa

October 28th, 2018

with Calvin Grinnell, Jason Morsette, Dakota Goodhouse, Margaret Landin and Tiffany Baker

"The Five Transitions of Grief" - Bargaining

“To Reminisce Man Ray” 






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