Wet Plate Images from 2020

Wet Plate Ambrotype Photography

"Capturing Images in Silver on Glass using Light"



Contact Information:
Shane Balkowitsch, Ambrotypist
Nostalgic Glass Wet Plate Studio
2703 Big Sky Circle
Bismarck, ND 58503
(701)426-7630 Phone

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Wet Plate Images from 2020


"Big Wolf"




"The Long White Veil"

"Death Lurking"


"The Flower"




"The Anonymous Egging of an Artist"

Self Portrait

"Pan's Concubine"

"Two Elevations of Eve"

"Astraea Descended"

"Her Burden"


"Demeter Awakens"



"Columbus Landed, Columbus Fell"

"The Artist's Portal"

"The Anonymous Egging of an Artist"

Self Portrait



"Persephone Rising"

"Emma's Abstraction"

"The Susceptibility Of Everyone"

The COVID-19 Isolation Series (Plate #1)

"Christ's Charge"

with Greyson Balkowitsch


"A Long Distance Exposure In Isolation"

with Morgan Barbour and Josh Withers

U.K. to USA Exposure over Zoom Video



"The Mask Of Social Distancing"

The COVID-19 Isolation Series (Plate #2)

Self Portrait


"The Pandemic Thinker"

The COVID-19 Isolation Series (Plate #3)

Self Portrait Inspired by Rodin


Gary Adkinsson

The Bismarck Tribune

"The Publisher"

"Girl With Virus"

The COVID-19 Isolation Series (Plate #4)

Inspired by Banksy



"The Overseas Aerialist"

with Morgan Barbour

U.K. to USA Exposure over Zoom Video

"The Matriarch"

Shane Balkowitsch for her 75th Birthday

"Ninety Seconds of Isolation"

with Vox Serene

New York to North Dakota

Exposure over Zoom Video

"Hank The Tank"

with Ayla Kay Hovland


Ayla Kay Hovland

Junior Miss Rodeo North Dakota Winter Show 2020

"Contagion Beauy"

with Bonnie Balkowitsch

The COVID-19 Isolation Series (Plate #5)

Inspired by Egon Schiele and his painting from 1917

called “Seated Woman in Underwear”.


“Coronavirus Tea Time”

The COVID-19 Isolation Series (Plate #6)

with Mahliya Balkowitsch


"COVID-19 The Chaperone of Prom"

with Abby Ava Balkowitsch and Dalton Kral

The COVID-19 Isolation Series (Plate #7)




"Nurses: The Front Line Of The Pandemic"

with Abby Ava Balkowitsch

The COVID-19 Isolation Series (Plate #8)


“Red Hand"

Water Protector, Poet, Author and Drone Master at DAPL

“The Floating Muse"

Remembering Irving Pen and his use of V-Flats


“The Sirin"


“A Sister's Concern"  

“The Great Depression" 

"Private Welkin"  

"Red Star"

Standing Rock Sioux  

"Telesilla In Stone"  


"Through The Void"

Fargo Spaceman




Self-Portrait Using Remote Guillotine Shutter

"Carlee's World"

"Breakfast at Tiffany's"


"Helena" the Automatron

"First Thunder"

"Death Oversees All"

"The Daughter of an Ambrotypist"

"A Lover's Desperate Grasp"

"Red Pheasant Woman"

"Between Frames"

Greg DeSaye

Director of "Balkowitsch" Documentary


"Lady In Waiting"

"Modern Vintage"


"The Black Sheep of Wet Plate Collodion"

Self Portrait

"Portrait Of A Wookie"

"The Horse Conservator"

"North Dakotans Departed"

"The Maskless Infusion"

Grace Lynn Her Many Horses

"Sacred Cedar Woman"

Oglala Lakota


"The Lunar Consort" 

"Big Medicine"

"Discarded Love" 



"Bonnie With Daisies"

The Devotion Sessions




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