Wet Plate Images from 2021

Wet Plate Ambrotype Photography

"Capturing Images in Silver on Glass using Light"



Contact Information:
Shane Balkowitsch, Ambrotypist
Nostalgic Glass Wet Plate Studio
2703 Big Sky Circle
Bismarck, ND 58503
(701)426-7630 Phone

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Wet Plate Images from 2021


"At The Request of Salome"



"The Silhouette of Israel"


"Beside Herself"

"The Devotion Sessions"


"Wine With Elon"


"The Fellowship Of Women"



"Baphomet Incarnate"


"Death-Head Hawk Moth"

Silence Of The Lambs



Floris White Bull

"Brave Heart Woman"

"Love And War"

Double Exposure Inspired by Jan Saudek


"Walks Through The Clouds"



"Motley Crew"

Dakota Revivalist Photographers


"The Resurrection Of Vinyl"

Cheyenne Eete Kippenberger

Miss Indian World 2019-2021

"Many Birds Woman"

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa


"Call Of The Raven"


"The Bearded Lady"


"Shooting Star"

Honoring Cecil Beaton


"Life Of Knowledge"

Douglas Jensen

President Bismarck State College


"Future Clone"

Double Exposure


"The Reflection of Kindness"

Dr. Brenda Miller

"The Box"

"Mucha's Muse"

"Flora The Devine"




"Laughing Sun Brewing Company"

"Yorick Of The Prairie"

"Fading Away, Again"


"Sanctified" The Film










"Life's Ossification"

"The Perfect Lover"


"Sacred Fan Woman"

"War Pony"

"Homage To Miss Graham"

"Comes From Lightning"

"The Hand Of A Surgeon"

Dr. Peter Woodrow

"The Sun Rays"

"Where The Three Rivers Meet"

"No Vaccine For Death"

A Wet Plate Collaboration

University of Mary, Marian Grotto



"Ode to Albrecht Durer"

"Two Wars"


Tom Chambers



"A Novel's Nefarious Ending"

Plate 1 of 2 (Diptych)

"A Novel's Nefarious Ending"

Plate 2 of 2 (Diptych)


"Two Orientations of Shelbe"

Double Exposure

Tony Duncan

2020 World Champion Hoop Dancer


"Bolelyn's Betrayal"

"From The Heart"

Plate #4000 taken on 8-27-2021



Allan Demeray, Jr.


"The Break - Girl With Pearl Earring"

Plate 1 of 2 (Diptych)

"The Break - Girl With Pearl Earring"

Plate 2 of 2 (Diptych)


"Moonlit Flowers"

The Devotion Sessions

9 Year Wet Plate Anniversary Plate


"Cleopatra Of The Plains"


"Bears Claw"


"The Study Of An Eagle Dancer"

with Larry Yazzie (Meskwaki)

"Mucha's Rose"

"Plastic Ocean Goddess"

"Persian Grace"



"Opre Roma"

"Self Concern"


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