Northern Plains Native Americans:

A Modern Wet Plate Perspective



I have always been fascinated with the work of Mathew Brady, Edward S. Curtis, and that of Orlando Scott Goff.  Mr. Goff was a wet plate artist located here in Bismarck in the 1870's and is credited with taking the very first photograph of Sitting Bull.  I contacted Ernie LaPointe the Great Grandson of Sitting Bull and he paid a visit to my makeshift wet plate studio.  He explained much of the history of his people and their ways and this  journey started with his plate "Eternal Field".  I quickly set a goal of making 50 large 8x10" black glass ambrotypes of the Native American community in modern day.  I have since abandoned the 50 plate limit and now plan on making 1000 wet plates of this fabulous culture, a 20 year commitment.  It is a huge honor to follow in the footsteps of previous wet plate photographers that had similar series in the 19th Century.  On my journey, I have befriended Dakota Goodhouse a local historian and instructor at United Tribes as well as Margaret Landin.  They have been instrumental in being a liaison between myself and the different members of the tribes.  Margaret has been present for most of the portrait sessions.  Her role is to make sure that all the Native American elements that I am photographing are presented properly with dignity and respect.  I also am working very closely with Lindsay Schott and Emily Schultz, both Archive Specialists at the Heritage Center.  Their undying dedication to capturing all things historical in North Dakota is inspiring.  The plates that I make are being gifted to the Historical Society and their permanent archive.  This is not something that is going to be accomplished overnight, but as I add more and more plates, the series seems to have more significance.  If fate does not break my stride, I will do everything that I can to see this through. 


“The work that Shane does for its artistic merit as well as for its collaborative nature is genuine and enthusiastic, on a human level. For the folks of many different Indian tribes, who sit for his portraits, and who often become his life-long friends, Shane builds real rapport. Beyond the making of art photographs, it is this rapport, and the importance of honest collaboration between people of different cultures, that is so important for our country and is at the center of the moving forward of our country. I’ll strive to emulate the rapport that Shane has achieved in his work, in the work I’m doing in Congress. Shane’s photographs are not only beautiful, but they convey the best example of good people working together to achieve something great.”

Debra Haaland (Laguna Pueblo)
Congresswoman – New Mexico’s 1st District 
March 21st, 2019



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My new goal is to capture 1000 Native Americans in the beloved process, at the present rate, a 20 year commitment.  I also plan on publishing 4 volumes of picture books based on my favorite plates from the series.  On November 3rd, 2017, Northern Plains Native Americans opened at the Bismarck Art Gallery Association (BAGA).  The series was greatly embraced by the community and we broke the galleries all-time attendance record.  The first 145 plates were on display.  I am proud to be on this creative path and will do whatever it takes to make the people of this great state proud.

On October 28th, 2018, Calvin Grinnell "Running Elk" a historian for the Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Nation held a Native American Naming Ceremony for me at my studio in Bismarck.  Calvin chose the name "Shadow Catcher" Maa'ishda tehxixi Agu'Agshi in Hidatsa.  Dora Gwin assisted him with the spelling and pronunciation of the given name.  Edward Curtis was referred to as the "Shadow Catcher" by many tribes and Calvin thought it fitting that the name be carried in present day be me.

Contact Information:
Shane Balkowitsch, "Shadow Catcher" - Maa'ishda tehxixi Agu'agshi (Hidatsa)
Nostalgic Glass Wet Plate Studio
2703 Big Sky Circle
Bismarck, ND 58503
(701)223-9936 Phone

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Ongoing Series

Ernie LaPointe (Crow Foot)

"Eternal Field"

Great Grandson of Sitting Bull


Dakota Goodhouse

"Two Wars"

Hunkpapha Lakota

Greta White Calfe

"White Calf"

Arikara / Hidatsa

Scott Davis, Sr.

"Two Worlds"

Standing Rock Sioux

Kevin Locke

"First to Arise"

Hunkpapa Lakota / Anishinaabe

Dr. Jim L. Davis

"Big Eagle"

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

Dave Archambault II

"Brave Fox"

Standing Rock Sioux

Frank White Bull

"White Bull"

Standing Rock Sioux

Mary Louise Defender Wilson

"The Gord Woman"

Dakota Hidatsa

Biron D. Baker, MD

"Stands Above"

Mandan / Hidatsa

Todd R. LeBeau

"White Bear Claws"

Standing Rock Sioux

Monte Yellow Bird, Sr.

"Black Pinto Horse"

Arikara / Hidatsa 

Russell "Rusty" Gillette


Arikara / Hidatsa

Nelenah Rainbow GreyEyes

"Beautiful Night Woman"

Dakota Tlingit Navajo

Charles W. Murphy

"Shot at by the Enemy"

Standing Rock Sioux

Alesha Jacqueline YellowBird (Egan)

"Ree Hawk"

Arikara Assiniboine 

Frank L. Bull Head

"His Horse is Looking"

Hunkpapa Lakota 

Shaydee Pretends Eagle

"Artistic Woman"

Lakota / Dakota  

Rochelle One Skunk - Bull Head

"Black Shawl Woman"

Minniconjou Lakota 

Margaret Landin

"Beautiful Evening Star Woman"

Arikara Hidatsa Assiniboine 

Chase Iron Eyes

"Walks Without Fear"


Pete Red Tomahawk

"Iron Tail"

Yankton Sioux 

Calvin B. Grinnell

"Running Elk"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Nation

Elijah Dale Benson

"Young Coyote"

Nu'eta - Mandan Hidatsa Arikara 

Joe Dunn

"Buffalo Horse"

Standing Rock Sioux 

Regan Dunn

"See Her Tipis"

Standing Rock / Cheyenne River Sioux

Elijah Landin

"Warrior Spirit"

Arikara Hidatsa Dakota 

Tayla Blaine

"Stands on a Rock"


Mary Agnes Martin

"Soaring Eagle Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux 

Zaysha Grinnell

"Blue Bear Woman"


Denise Joyce Kitson

"Red-Haired Woman"

Sioux (Hunkpapa) / Hidatsa 

Norma Rachelle Baker

"Red Berry Woman"

Hidatsa Dakota Sioux Assinboine 

Robert "BJ" Rainbow

"Long Buffalo"

Dakota Ojibway 

Bryann Rainbow

"Pretty Eagle Woman"

Dakota Ojibway  

Brendan "Pnut" Scouts at Night Young

"Dancing Red Horse"

Lakota Sioux

Anthony McDonald

"Wild Horse Man"

Spirit Lake Dakota 

Leander Russell McDonald

"Whistling Bear"

Spirit Lake Dakota / Arikara Hidatsa 

Randi Hart

"Strong Eagle Woman"

Northern Cheyenne Hidatsa 

Shotay Waters

"Two Flags"

Oglala Lakota 

Dale Benjamin American Horse, Jr.


Sicangu Lakota  

Jonah Kyler Jackson

"Buffalo Thundering Boy"

Spirit Lake Sioux Nation  

Loren Yellow Bird, Sr.

"Medicine Horse"

Arikara Hidatsa  

Sydney Paige Shepherd


Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Mandan Shakopee   

Michael Gene Stillday

"Little Sioux"


Joelle Alita Bearstail

"Bull Berry Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara  

Alana Star Cosay

"Blue Bead Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux / White Mountain Apache   

Steve Yellow Earrings

"Sending Elk"

Standing Rock Sioux  

Kayla Jo Grey Bear

"Different Cloud Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux  

Ronika Lexi Thunder Hawk

"Thunkder Hawk"

Standing Rock Sioux   

Page Howe and Ja'Siah Jace Howe

"Mother with Child"

Hidatsa Arikara   

Vincent Night Horse Fox


Mandan Hidatsa Arikara    

Justine Marie Parkhurst Two Lodge

"Brings Back the Wounded Woman"

Standing Rock Dakota 

Adrian M. Crowfeather

"Black Eagle"

Standing Rock Sioux    

Mark N. Fox

"Sage Man"

Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation (Chairman)   

Jason Luke Morsette

"Not Afraid of the Enemy"

Arikara / Dakota


Darren J. Thompson


Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe 

Sihasapa Wi

"Black Feet Woman"

Sicangu Lakota Ihanktonwan Dakota

Child Born at NO DAPL Camps 

Floris White Bull

"Brave Heart Woman"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa Lakota


Vanessa Dundon AKA Sioux Z. Dezbah

"Going to War"

Southwest Dine' Nation (Navajo)   

Sophie Linda Landin

"Brings Back the Wounded"

Arikara Hidatsa Dakota Tlingit    

JoBeth, Amiera & Taylen Brownotter


Standing Rock Sioux     

Jerrilyn Crow Ghost Brownotter

"Crow Ghost"

Standing Rock Sioux     


Terry Brownotter, Jr.

"Little Warrior"

Standing Rock Sioux     

Alice Brownotter

"Red Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux 

Holly Young


Wiciyena Dakota  

Inyan Young

"Rocky Butte"

Wiciyena Dakota  

Kathryn Marie Froelich

"Red Basket"


Marley Jestany Zayde with Cherry the Bear

"Keeps Butterfly Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux 

Thomas Anthony Baker, Sr.

"Coyote Who Sings Alone"

Standing Rock Sioux 

Wallace (Butch) Thunder Hawk

"Brave Bear"

Standing Rock Dakota  

Anchie D. Fool Bear

"Afraid of Nothing"

Upper Yanktonai Dakota Sioux   

Khannie Saengphachanh

"Brave Red Woman"

Oglala Lakota    

Jesse B.J. McLaughlin

"Red Tail"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa Lakota    

Delaney Jayce Keenan

"Crazy Bear"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa Lakota  

Tiffany Julia Baker

"Dreams with Horses Woman"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa Lakota    

Jacqueline Wambli Situpi Sapa Win

"Eagle Black Tail Woman"

Shoshone / Lusieno    

Fawn Catherine Wasin Zi

"She Brings Many Buckskin Horses"

Hunkpapa Lakota 

Dawn Marie Wasin Zi

"They Journeyed for Her"

Hunkpapa Lakota 

Aceanna Charlize Brown

"Butterflies Brought Her Home"

Hunkpapa Lakota 

Nathaniel Charles Brown

"Respects the Thunder"

Hunkpapa Lakota 

April Shootingstar Lee

Wičháȟpi Wakȟáŋ "Shootingstar"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa 

LeRoi Lamont Laundreaux

"White Cloud"

Cheyenne River Sioux   

Ruth Anna Buffalo

"Woman Appears"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara  

Johnathon Thomas Largo II

"Strong Buffalo"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Navajo

Manape LaMere

"Soldier Boy"

Sioux Nation of Indians Laramie Treaties

Chief Arvol Wilfred Looking Horse

19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle

"Sacred Horse"

Lakota Sioux 

Matthew James Lone Bear

"Lone Bear"


Danielle Ta'Sheena Finn

"The Seventh Star Woman"

Miss Indian World 2016-2017

Hunkpapa Lakota, Inhanktowan Dakota

Standing Rock Nation 

Jt Shining One Side AKA Joyce T. Belgarde

"White Thunderbird Woman"

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa 

Linda Sue Black Elk

"Evening Primrose Woman"


Luke Vernon Black Elk

"Calm Before the Storm"

Great Grandson of Black Elk the Medicine Man

Itazipco Lakota  

Sheena Leigh Elk

"Sits Beside Her"

Standing Rock Sioux


Angel Lena Young and Justin Lynn Young

"Mr. and Mrs. Four Rings"

Mandan Hitdatsa Arikara

and Standing Rock Lakota


Good Earth Woman

"Good Earth Woman"

Arikara Dakota


Nissa Leigh McLaughlin

"They Depend on Me"

Standing Rock Sioux


Richard Orville Grey Day

"Wolf Eyes Looking"

Hunkpapa Dakota Standing Rock


Wendi Renae Wells

"Woman in the Lead"

Descendant of Buffalo Bird Woman, Sitting Rabbit, Hard Horn and Chief Four Bears

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Waylon Black Crow, Sr.

"Black Kettle"

Oglala Lakota


Madison and Michael Marion

"Feather Cloud" and "His Spirit is Sacred Boy"

Dakota Chippewa


Erica Rose Thompson

"Knife Woman"

Spirit Lake Dakota


Gordon Lee Decoteau

"Warrior Horse"

Arikara Chippewa


Tammy Decoteau

"Sits Among Them"

Arikara Chippewa


Gilbert Kills Pretty Enemy III

"Chameleon Horse"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa Lakota


Dakota Louise Eagle


Arikara, Dakota and African American


Greggory Thomas Deal

"Numu" = People

Pyramid Lake Paiute


Isabella Dawn Lebeau

"Sacred Meadowlark Woman"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa


Angela Beth Bibens

"Red Owl Law"

Santee Sioux Nation Nebraska

Thomas Anthony Bull Head, Jr.


Great Grandson of Lt. Henry Bull Head

Standing Rock Hunkpapa /

Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota


Ellys Gracie White Eagle and

Alycia Alice Yellow Eyes

"White Star Woman" 5 Generations

Sisitonwan Dakota, Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate and MdeWakatonwan Dakota / Hunkpapa Lakotah

MdeWakatonwan Dakota / Hunkpapa Lakotah / Sicangu Lakotah


Joni Alvina Little Owl

"Black Foot Woman"



Steven Edgar Sparks

"Eagle Boy"

Standing Rock Sioux


Mya Jordan Elese

"Baby Buffalo"

Arkirara Hidatsa Mandan

Kickapoo Lakota Apache


Myron Dewey

"Strong Thinker"

Paiute Shoshone

Digital Smoke Signals


Jeffrey Arnold Bad Wound

"Bad Wound"

Oglala Lakota


LaVera Elizabeth Bad Wound

"Her Sacred Breath"

Oglala Lakota

Miss Oglala Lakota Nation 2016-2017


Sondi Sioux Phillips

"Woman Who Sees Things in a Good Way"

Standing Rock Sioux

Robbyn Brett Pudwill

"Pretty Flower Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Mayjia Allison Horst


Lakota Sioux


Kainon Ezra Ayutapi

"Walks with Thunder"

Standing Rock Sioux


Glenna Rae Yellow Fat

"Her Sacred Black Horse"

Standing Rock Sioux


Dana Edward Yellow Fat

"Stops Four Times"

Standing Rock Sioux


Belisha White Eagle

"Tall Woman of the Grass Nation People",

Name passed down from Zona Loans Arrows

Standing Rock Sioux


Aliya Winter Martinez

"Brings Good Winter Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Florentine Bridget Black Spotted Horse

"Black Spotted Horse"

Sicangu Lakota French


Vonica Wicahpi Alberts

"Chief Child"


Kadence Jean Steele

"Cherished Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Catera Kayan-Kay Saint John

"First Star Woman"

Prairie Island Dakota


Wyatt Lane Bailey

"Never Looks Back"

Standing Rock Sioux


Tomi Kay Phillips

"Sacred Heart Woman"

Standing Rock Lakota


Michele Claire Thunder Hawk

"Good Minded Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Connie Patrice Brownotter

"Returning Wish"

Standing Rock Sioux - Dine'


Cheyenne Jeannette Gunville




Charlie James Daniel Eagle Shield

"Eagle Shield"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara

Fort Berthold Indian Reservation


Larissa Little Dove Fox

"Eagle Bird Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Justiss Jean Firemoon

"Meadowlark Girl"

Sioux Assiniboine


Amy Kristen Jackson

"Many Stars"

Sac & Fox


Natasha Joy Gourd

"Different Star Woman"

Spirit Lake Dakota


Sierra Rose Crowsbreast

"Spotted Corn Woman"



Courtney Jeanette Frazier


Cheyenne River Sioux


Grace Raune Kelly


Standing Rock Sioux

Shiloh Basketball


Albert R. Two Bears

"Two Bears"

Standing Rock Sioux


Dusty Lee Nelson

"Moon of the Yellow Hair Woman"

Oglala Lakota


Charles Rencountre

"Medicine Horse"

Kul Wicisa Oyate

Terry F. Moericke

"Lightning Comes Dancing"

Oneida Nation


John Thomas Eagle Shield, Sr.


Hunkpapa Lakota


Alayna Lee Eagle Shield

"Shoots at Her in the Middle"

Hunkpapa Lakota


Derek Focus Smith

"To Awaken as if From a Dream"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa / Navajo Nation


Courtney Taylor Spottedwolf

"Flying High Eagle Girl"

Fort Peck Dakota

Noah Pino

"Owns His Pipe"

Fort Peck Dakota / Dine


Carter Daniel Gravseth


Standing Rock Hunkpapa / Yanktonai


Shayne Alexandra Reeves

"Yellow Paint Woman"

Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara


Eden Marley LaClaire


Cheyenne River Sioux


Jayme Marie Davis

"Thunder Being Woman"

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa / Standing Rock Sioux


Matt James LaClaire


Cheyenne River Sioux


Melanie Rose Howard

"Looks Over Horses Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Amaris Lynn Thompson

"White Shawl Eagle Woman"



Terrence Raymong Yellow Fat

"Thunder Hawk"


Great Grandson of Chief Thunder Hawk


Gayleen Claymore Yellow Fat

"Walks in a Humble Manner Woman"



LaToya Lee Crazy Bull

"Fights Invisible Woman"


Great Great Granddaughter of Chief Crazy Bull


Dionna Bull Bear

"Morning Star Woman"


Descendant of Chief Bull Bear

Dawson Dana Yellow Fat

"Thunder from the North"


Great Great Great Grandson of Chief Thunder Hawk


Witney Renae Fear


Oglala Sioux


Winona Clarice Kitzan

"Bear Woman"

Lakota Sioux

HM3 United States Navy


Lance H. White

"Voice of the Stars"

Dakota / Arikara

Great Great Grandson of Chief Sitting Bear


Melanuie Sioux Schwab

"Melanie Sioux"

Hunkpapa Sioux



Tyson Myles Running Bear

"Esan Tanka Hoksida"

Standing Rock Sioux / Sioux Valley Dakota Nation


Brigette Renee Little Owl

"Sits Up Straight"

Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska


John Eagle Shield, Jr.

"Yellow Arrow"

Hunkpapa Lakota


Spencer Matthew Little Owl

"His Holy Wounded Horse"

Standing Rock Sioux


Bryon Jason Brady, Jr.

"Looking Water"

Hidatsa / Arikara


Melissa Merrick-Brady

"Sacred Morning Woman"

Dakota / Lakota / Hidatsa / Arikara


Kaydence V. Little Owl

"Crocus Flower Woman"



Xavier Scott Little Owl

"First Born"

Mandan / Lakota


Serena Lynn Eagle

"Scarlet Woman"

Cheyenne River Sioux


Cheryl Lynn Abe

"Beautiful Design"

Dine / Hidatsa / Japanese


Audra Jean Stonefish

"She Holds Her Family High"



Roy Morsette




Chad Blaine Morsette, Jr.

"Eagle Trail"

Arikara / Sioux


Gillian Lynne Plenty Chief

"Eagle Wing Woman"

Arikara / Dakota


Lisa Marie La Fontaine

"Lone Eagle Woman"

Turtle Mountain Ojibwe Cree


Melaine Janice Stoneman

"White Lighting Woman"

Sicangu Lakota


Mary Ann Bear Heels McCowan

"Her Good Nation Woman"

Sicangu Lakota Oyate


Shaundeen Nizohni Smith "Last Band"


Sidrick James Baker, Jr. "Laughing Man"

Navajo / Arikara - Hidatsa / Plains Cree


Devin Frances Drags Wolf

"Remembering Zitkala Sa"

Mandan / Hidatsa

Great Great Granddaughter of Chief Drags Wolf


Sabrina Leann Dragswolf


Mandan / Hidatsa

Great Great Granddaughter of Chief Dragswolf


Dennis Clark Houle

"Reflection on the Water"



Nookwakwii Snowy White

"When it Snows in the Springtime after the Birds Have Come Back"

Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe - Anishinaabe


Isabelle Pearl White

"Red Pipe Woman"

Fondulac Band of Ojibwe - Anishinaabe


Madison Pearl Kingbird


Red Lake Band of Ojibwe - Anishinaabe


Cherish Kingbird

"North Thunderbird Woman"

Red Lake Band of Ojibwe - Anishinaabe


Lavender Hunt

"Red Ribbon Woman"

Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe - Anishinaabe



Mark R. Kingbird, Sr.

"Leading Feather"

Red Lake Band of Chippewa


Fahtima Lee Hood

"Running Star Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Nation


Jennifer Camille Weston

"White Buffalo Woman"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa


Cole Jacobson


Mdewakanton Dakota


Desirae Lylah Desnomnie

"Buffalo Grass Woman"

Peepeekisis Cree Nation


Trisha Goodwill

"Standing Buffalo"

Dakota Nation


Terri Lynn Treetop

"Turtle Tuwale"

Lakota Standing Rock Sioux


Jason Dayn Burnstick

"White Eagle Boy"

Plains Cree


Douglas Andrew War Eagle

"Walks with Sacred Buffalo"

Grand Nephew of Chief Crazy Horse



Donald Peter Red Thunder

"Crazy Horse"

Grand Nephew of Chief Crazy Horse


Floyd Gene Clown, Sr.

"Black Tail Calls You"

Grand Nephew of Chief Crazy Horse



Jerome Morsette

"Bald Eagle"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Jerome Louis Morsette "Bucky"

"Two Hawks"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Wanbli Ahambla Mesteth

"Eagle Dream"

Hunkpapa Lakota


Cassie No Heart Harrison

"No Fear"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa Lakota


Keegan Ty Eagle


Standing Rock Sioux


Kendrick Trent Eagle


Standing Rock Sioux


Della No Heart

"No Heart"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa Lakota


Reuben James Fast Horse




Raymond Harold Moore, Sr.

"Wild Horse"

Lakotah Dakotah Sioux


Jennifer Ann Young Bear

"The Face of the Arikara"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Kaliah Faye Eagle


Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Sweet Medicine Finley

"Red Corn Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Danette McCraydie


White Earth Chippewa


Belinda Frances Runningwolf

"Sacred Shawl Woman"

Cheyenne River Sioux / Blackfeet


Cindy Ann Littlefeather

"The Woman Who Came Back from War"



Michela Fay Alire

"Warrior Woman"

Mountain Ute / Southern Ute


Lindsey Elizabeth Twinn

"White Feather Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Rosalyn Yvonne Fasthorse


Grandfather was Joe Bullhead

Standing Rock Sioux


Kodi Michelle Thunder Hawk

"Thunder Hawk"

Standing Rock Sioux



Kelly Jo Hosie

"Standing in the Red Hail Woman"

Arikara Hidatsa Cree Ojibwe


Freedom Patrick McLaughlin


Standing Rock Sioux / Ihanktowa Dakota / Hunkpapha Lakota


Gerald Leroy White

"Two Men Standing"

Anishinaabe / Eagle Clan / Leech Lake Pillagers


Michelle Elizabeth Bird

"Red Paint Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Stephanie Anne Big Eagle

"Lightning Dancer Woman"

Ihanktowan Dakota / Lower Brule Lakota


William Aaron Reeves II

"Standing Tall"

Mandan / Hidatsa / Waterbuster Clan


Genevieve Rae Iron Lightning

"Stands First Woman"

Cheyenne River Sioux

Miss Black Hills 2017-2018


Allan Thomas Demaray, Jr.

"The Little Missouri"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Francis John Connors

"White Eagle"



Skye Brooke Manikateri

"June Berry Root / Holy Evergreen Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa


Synsir and Jayceon Fog In The Morning

"Eagle Dancer and Standing Rock"

Crow Hidatsa Hunkpapa Lakota Dakota


Vernon Iron Cloud


Standing Rock Sioux - Wakpala


Jonathan Manikateri

"The Brave Man"

Seminole - Taino

(Adopted Hidatsa - Knife Clan)


Lovina Manuella Fox

"Sacred Wind Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa - Knife Clan


SaNoah Solange LaRocque

"Eagle Woman"

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa


Martina Fern Miller-Eagle

"Sacred Hands Woman"

Standing Rock Ihunktuwana


Wanbli Waunsila Wi Eagle

"Compassionate Eagle Woman"

Miss Standing Rock 2018-2019

Standing Rock Ihunktuwana


Darian James Morsette

"Buffalo Bull Shoulder"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara

Black Mouth Society - Prairie Chicken Clan

Richard Edward Mayer

"Buckskin Horse"

Mandan Hidatsa

Black Mouth Society - Prairie Chicken Clan


Kobe Allen Morsette

"Brings Good Medicine"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara

Knife Clan


Steven Daniel Mayer


Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Carol Eve Good Bear

"Scatter Corn"

Mandan Hidatsa

6th Generation Bloodline to Chief Four Bears


Linda Fay Gourneau, MD

"Medicine Corn Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Chippewa


LaDonna Carol Brave Bull-Allard

"Good Earth Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Alliana Marie O'Brien


Arikara Assiniboine Sioux


Arline Cecelia Charging

"Geese Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa


Jada Lynn Charging

"White Cedar Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Autumn Dawn Monteau, Esq.

"Holy Sage Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa Chippewa Cree


Kristen Joy Tootoosis

"Sacred Flying Eagle Woman"



Brandy Rose Duarte


Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa / Mexican


Micah Lee Cozad


Comanche Dakota


Owi-Dusna-Waste-Win Esther St. John

"The First Snowfall to Fall of the Season"



Jameson Edward Cozad


Comanche Dakota


Wesley Red Eagle Snow

"Black Cloud"

Hidatsa Arikara


Carson Hood, Jr.

"Good Eagle"

Hidatsa Dine

Black Mouth Society - Dripping Dirt Clan


Savoy Paul Fog In The Morning

"Sitting Crow" and "Four Lodge Poles"

Lakota Crow

Smooth Scalper Barbers


Trista Yvette Fog In The Morning

"Fog In The Morning"

Standing Rock Sioux


Wyslee Grace Dubray

"Running Redo Woman"

Yanktonai Mandan


Lelani Rai Running Bear

"White Flower Woman"

Yanktonai Nakota

from High Star Camp at Oceti Sakowin (NO DAPL!)


Terrence James Morgan

"Sun Thunder Man"

Spirit Lake Dakota / Pawnee


Hailey BreAnne Tory Lincoln

"Yellow Blossom"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara



Thomas Jay Plenty Chief

"Good Leaf"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Siooux



Melissa Jean Wise

"Spirit Wise"

Standing Rock Sioux / Arikara



Storm Allen Grey

"Runs with White Buffalo Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux

Kerry Gay Israel

"Brings Good Spirits Home Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Bernadine Nicole Mandan


Mandan Hidatsa Sioux Lakota


Montel Ray Carlow

"Thunder Stone"

Oglala Sioux


Jennifer Ann Whiteman




Wind Spirit Spotted Bear

"Wind Spirit Spotted Bear"

Nueta Hiraaca


Justin Clarence Deegan

"Charging on the Trail"

Arikara Hunkpapa Oglala


Samiah Lillian Rhone

"Sweet Corn Woman"

Hidatsa Arikara Sioux African American



Stefan Brock Silk

"Storm That Comes Fast"

Standing Rock Hunkpapa Lakota

Water Protector at DAPL Protests


Ashlee Marlo Young Bird

"Yellow Blossom"



Robert Vernon McClain


Red Lake Ojibwe Muscogee Creek

Scored 1000 Points for UTTC Thunderbirds


Clifford Joseph Graham

"Many Bears"

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa


April Ruby Chapo




Paul Yellow Bird McCormack

"Bear Turns Around"

Arikara Hidatsa


Tyrale Kimberly Spotted Bear

"Blue Beads"



Dakota Rae Kidder

"Sacred Red Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Royce Kah Young Wolf

"The One Who Brings Joy"

Hidatsa Mandan Eastern Shoshone


Wanbdi Waci

"Dancing Eagle"

Arikara Ihanktonwan


Elk Looking Back

"Elk Looking Back"

Arikara Ihanktonwan


Brenda White Bull

"Compassionate Woman"

Hunkpapa Lakota



Aryana Renee Henthorne


Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone

Jason Shane Two Crow

"Two Ravens"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara (Knife Clan)


Hillary Eagle-Eye Renick

"Pretty Looking"

Sherwood Pomo


Hope Miranda Baker

"Eagle Call Woman"

Mandan Hidatsa Arikara


Benjamin Orren Fricke

"Yellow Hammer"

Modoc Arikara Wasco

Great Great Grandson of Yellowhammer (Hagagosh)

Last Chief of the Modoc Tribe


Robin Opichee Day-Bedeau

"In The Clouds"

Bois Forte Band of Chippewa


Amanda Danielle Long Peltier

"Yellow Eagle Woman"

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

Cousin of Leonard Peltier (Occupation at Wounded Knee)


Trey Cole Morsette

"Sky Tale"

Arikara Hidatsa


Michelle Rose Reed

"Golden Eagle Woman"

Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe


Hugh Marlow Young Bird

"Wild Eagle"

Hidatsa Mandan


Stephanie Elida Swallow

"Good Feather"

Ho-Chunk Nation


Gloria Delaini White Bull

"Makes The Road Woman"

Cochiti Pueblo / Hunkpapa


Mekasi Camp Horinek



Caleb White Bull

"Kills Enemy"

Hunkpapa Lakota / Cochiti Pueblo 

Chasen Davis Sitting Bear

"Sitting Bear"

Standing Rock Sioux 

Teyana Hailey Luger


Standing Rock Sioux 

Jada Lynn Luger


Standing Rock Sioux 

Khalani Rayne Howard

"Rock Star Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Swan Melody American Horse - Hopkins

"Feather Wind"

Standing Rock Dakota / Lakota


Love Melody Hopkins


Standing Rock Dakota / Lakota / Arikara


Elijah Michael Spears


Red Lake Chippewa


Lissa Yellow Bird Chase

"Bright Star Woman"

Arikara / Hidatsa


Kianna Yellow Bird Brown

"Morning Dew"

Arikara / Hidatsa


Shauna Yellow Bird

"Morning Star Woman"

Arikara / Hidatsa


Vine Thomas Marks

"Lone Wolf"

Sisseton / Wahpeton


Jacqueline Elaine Quisno, MD


Gross Ventre / Oglala


Magdalen Yellow Bird

"Corn Silk"

Arikara / Hidatsa


Nelrene Yellow Bird

"White Eagle Woman"

Arikara / Hidatsa


Tamara Jill St. John

"Pleasing Woman"

Sisseton / Wahpeton


Merinda Rose Catch The Bear

"Turtle Woman"

Standing Rock Sioux


Davia Jordan Nicole Eagle Horse

"Two White Buffalo Woman"

Cheyenne River Sioux


Lindsey Rondell Eagle Horse

"Eagle Horse"

Standing Rock Sioux


Jason Lance Eagle Horse

"Eagle Horse"

Cheyenne River Sioux


Pansy Ann Goodall

"White Fighting Tiger"




"Empowerment Through Unity"

United Tribes Technical College Pow Wow 2016

"Required P.O. Box Not Allowed!"

A Political Wet Plate to Address Native American Voter Suppression

Father John Floberg, "Nape Wakan" which translates as "Holy Hand", Rector at the Saint James Episcopal Church at Cannon Ball


Margaret Landin, "Beautiful Evening Star Woman", Arikara Hidatsa Assiniboine

Native American liaison, friend  and collaborator for

Northern Plains Native Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective



"Love Water, Not Oil" with Dale American Horse, Jr. 

(Plate #1 of the NO Dakota Access Pipeline Series)


"Death by Oil" with Darren Thompson 

(Plate #2 of the NO Dakota Access Pipeline Series)

First Place Best Photograph - Human Rights Film & Arts Festival, Fargo, North Dakota November 18th, 2017

Original Plate Curated by the Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona


"Tolerance by Oppression" with Sophie Landin

(Plate #3 of the NO Dakota Access Pipeline Series)


"No Spiritual Surrender" with Floris White Bull 

(Plate #4 of the NO Dakota Access Pipeline Series)

My Wet Plate of Floris White Bull is featured in the movie AWAKE - A Dream from Standing Rock

My Wet Plates at DAPL featured on CNN Virtual Reality "Looking Back on the Stand at Standing Rock" June 2017

American Indians Through the Lens of Roland Reed at The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum March 30, 2019 - My Original Plates on Display

Northern Plains Native Americans: Exhibition at the Rourke Museum August 24, 2018

Standing Rock is everywhere: one year later, The Guardian, Featuring Arvol Looking Horse Portrait, February 22, 2018

Shane Presenting Floris White Bull with Glass Print at the ND Human Rights Film Festival Opening Night 11-17-2017

"Northern Plains Native Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective" Opening Night KFYR TV 11-3-2017

"Northern Plains Native Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective" featured in POW WOW Magazine 10-29-2017

My Wet Plate "Death by Oil" is featured in the article "Culture Shift" by YES! Magazine

My Wet Plates from the Dakota Access Pipeline are featured in the documentary PEACEMAKER by Florida State University

CLICK HERE to read "This Native American Woman Changed the Standing Rock Narrative Forever" in Swaay with Floris White Bull 5-1-2017

CLICK HERE see the Economists "Edward's Curtis's Life and Photography" Video

CLICK HERE see my plates featured in "Stone Ghosts" by Consequence Magazine written by Stephen Dau 11-25-2016

CLICK HERE to "Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's Eldest Tribal Member Celebrates 100 Years" 11-08-2016

CLICK HERE to view Emily Ergen from the Historical Society talk about Ernie Lapointe's Plate "Eternal Field" 7-21-2016

CLICK HERE see my plate of Dave Archambault III featured on the front cover Le Temps in Switzerland 12-9-2016

Documenting Dakota Pipeline Protests in Wet Plate, Fargo Forum, August 15th, 2016

High Plains Reader, "Water and Oil Do Not Mix", August 25th, 2016

High Plains Reader, "Can't Drink Oil", September 15th, 2016

High Plains Reader, "Death by Oil" High Plains Reader, "Death by Oil", December 22th, 2016


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